Video Interview: Warren and Betsy Talbot of Married with Luggage

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Together in Seattle 9_2010

I met Warren and Betsy Talbot of Married with Luggage a couple of years ago (not in person…yet!) because we were both hosting Meet Plan Go. I was the Chicago host and they’d be hosting Seattle before they took off to actually ‘go’ on their own travels around the world.

Now, not only have they traveled around the world and continue to do so and live out their dreams, they are committed to helping others go after their own dreams and share the tools and steps in order to do so.

Warren and Betsy at Mojanda Lakes

From their site:

Warren and Betsy Talbot are a 40-something type-A couple who learned that living large is not necessarily living well. They did all the typical things people do in their 20s and 30s until they realized they were in love with each other, but not with their lives. Health scares in two people very close to them caused them to reevaluate life, and they decided to jump off the hamster wheel, sell everything they owned, and save enough money to travel around the world. They write and share practical advice for others to follow their own dreams on their website, Married with Luggage, and through their books. Their core message? 

Life is short. Live your dream.

I had a chance to catch up with them online and do a quick interview about their process and also the release of their book, Dream Save Do, now in it’s second edition and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes.  If you have a dream, but are looking for real concrete ways to help you achieve it, Warren & Betsy will take you through all the steps in their book and help you get where you need to be.

Click here if you can’t see the video to catch it on YouTube.

DSD_v1A  Cover-with thick border


  1. rick m. says

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for this post! I need all the help I can get in finding “my dream” (chapter #1 in Dream, Save, Do).
    PS: enjoy Berlin!

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