Kejimkujik National Park Seaside, Nova Scotia

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Keji Park

Locally known as Keji (and much more easy to pronounce), Kejimkujik (ked-juh-muh-KOO-jik) National Park sits in the heart of southwest Nova Scotia.

 Kejimkujik Seaside Park Fern  Kejimkujik Seaside Park

And it is also at the core of the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve – a UNESCO site recognized for a balance between people and nature focusing on conservation and sustainable development.   The unique climate of this area makes it home to a very large and diverse population of flora and fauna.

Keji Park Lichen


Kejimkujik Seaside is an adjunct to the main park and aptly sits on the sea, giving you a feel for a bit of unspoiled Atlantic coastline.

 Kejimkujik Seaside Park Berries

We enjoy a hike through part of the park toward the sea.

 Kejimkujik Seaside Park Pine Tree

Foggy mist blankets the trail, as we pass lichen and berries of all kinds (holly, black, bay).

 Kejimkujik Seaside Park

When we reach the rocky beaches I feel like we’ve hiked to Scotland…no wonder this is called “New Scotland.”

 Kejimkujik Seaside Park

The craggy bays here are popular hangouts for seals and cormorants that we spot in the distance through the fog. This time of year the mosquitoes have proven to be thick and we can’t linger too long on the beach without being attacked by the blood-sucking pests.

 Kejimkujik Seaside Park Irish Moss


Kejimkujik Seaside Park  

Disclosure:  I was a guest of Southwest Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Tourism, & the White Point Beach Resort, but, as always, my writing and views are my own.


  1. says

    Beautiful! The Atlantic Coast of Canada is stunning. I would love to find a house-sit there for a few months and just explore (in summer though :)

    • says

      Thanks Pete. I agree…to the extent that we asked about prices of rentals in areas like Shelburne. Pretty cheap! I love the feel of New England and up through Atlantic Canada.

    • says

      Thanks Ayngelina. Must have been great memories. Next time I need to go to the main park…although the seaside was lovely.

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