Published Writing & Media Coverage

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Published Writing:

American Way
Bike Power
June 2015
Sheridan Road
Safari in Tanzania
May 2015
West Jet
A Local’s Chicago
May 2015
American Way
Ice Cream  + Tripnary
May 2015
American Way
Trendy Kids Luggage
April 2015
Sheridan Road
Upper Rhine Valley
February 2015
American Way
Meal Sharing
February 2015
Four Seasons Serengeti
January 2015
American Way
TheTable App
January 2015
Sanctuary Swala
January 2015
AW-2014-10_Cover-2-James.jpgMapquest Discover
Soviet Berlin
November 2014
AW-2014-10_Cover-2-James.jpgThe Latin Kitchen
Best Mexican Hot Choc
November 2014
AW-2014-10_Cover-2-James.jpgAmerican Way
Two James – Detroit
October 2014
AW - 2014 09-01 Cover Alex HotelAmerican Way
Artsy Indy
September 2014
ChiTrib CoverThe Chicago Tribune
What’s Up in Indy
July 2014
American Way CoverAmerican Way
May 2014
AW - 2014 May1 CoverAmerican Way
USB Cufflinks
May 2014
Jetsetter Cover Jetsetter.com
Summer in Chicago
April 2014
HuffPo Cover - Chi CoverHuffington Post
Unique Stays in Chicago
April 2014
Jetsetter Cover Jetsetter.com
The Alexander
April 2014
01_SR_0414_cover.inddSheridan Road
Spa Vacations
April 1, 2014
UP - 2014 04-1 CoverWest Jet’s up!
High Tech Travel Gear
April 1, 2014
AW - 2014 Mar15 CoverAmerican Way
Wrigley + Yoga + B2 Hotel
March 15, 2014
AW - 2014 Mar1 Cover American Way
Pet Cam + Crushed
March 1, 2014
AW - 2014 Feb15 Cover American Way
February 15, 2014
ChiTrib Cover Chicago Tribune
Options Away
January 15, 2014
American Way Cover American Way
Museum of Bad Art
January 15, 2014
Orbitz Cover Orbitz
Caribbean for Foodies
December 6, 2013
HuffPo Cover Huffington Post
Travel Burnout
November 14, 2013
SR_2013_Nov Cover Sheridan Road Magazine
Road Trip Sweden
November 1, 2013
AW - 2013 Nov1 Cover American Way Magazine
Eataly Chi + Bear Grylls
November 1, 2013
SR_Cover_Oct1 Sheridan Road Magazine
Luxe Luggage
October 1, 2013
AW - 2013 Aug15 CoverAmerican Way Magazine
Antiques + Cooking Planit
August 15, 2013
AW - 2013 Jul1 CoverAmerican Way Magazine
Mamas & Pappas
July 2013
UP - 2013 Jul1 CoverWest Jet’s Up!
Landmark Hotels (p. 20)
July 2013
Latin Kitchen - PilsenThe Latin Kitchen
Chicago’s Latin Food Scene
June 2013
TLK Cover BerlinThe Latin Kitchen
Taste of Mexico Berlin
May 2013
AW 15 May2013 CoverAmerican Way Magazine
Milt’s BBQ + Wine Case
May 15, 2013
AW May 1 CoverAmerican Way Magazine Tequila + Towels
May 1, 2013
AW 15 Mar 2013 coverAmerican Way Magazine Little Goat + Stampede 66
March 15, 2013
ChiTrib CoverThe Chicago Tribune
Air Berlin Non-Stop
February 10, 2013
TLK Cover - TrucksThe Latin Kitchen
Chicago Food Trucks
January 2013
American Way MagazineAmerican Way Magazine Stroller + Cookie Fries
January 15, 2013
Malibu TimesMalibu Times Magazine Superfoods
January 2013
American Way Dec 15 2012American Way Magazine Ozo Share
December 15, 2012
American Way Magazine Antique Taco Service
December 2012
Latin Kitchen - PilsenThe Latin Kitchen
Food Crawling: Pilsen
October 2012
Diversity on TV
October 2012
TLK  5RabbitThe Latin Kitchen
5 Rabbit Brewery
September 2012

HuffPo Norway CoverThe Huffington Post Norway West to EastSeptember 2012

TLK - TavernitaThe Latin Kitchen Tavernita
August 2012
Sheridan Road St. Petersburg, Russia
August 2012
TLK - ChanguaThe Latin Kitchen Colombian Changua August 2012
HuffPo Sweden CoverThe Huffington Post
Road Trip Sweden
August 2012
Wild Junket Jun/Jul 2012Wild Junket Magazine Colombia Photo Essay
June/July 2012
HuffPo Ft LaudThe Huffington Post
Ft. Lauderdale Grows Up
June 2012
American Way March 2012American Way
Optimo Hats
March 2012
WSJ Cover1Wall Street Journal Traveling with Allergies
March 2012
American Way Feb 2012American Way
Sparkling Hill Resort
February 2012
HuffPoThe Huffington Post Working Around World
December 2011
HuffPo How I Afford TravelThe Huffington Post
How I Afford Travel
June 2011
HuffPo SoloThe Huffington Post
Solo Travel is Easy
April 2011
ChiTrib CoverThe Chicago Tribune Couchsurfing
August 2009
EB Cover Britannica Online
Dallas Morning NewsThe Dallas Morning News Christmas at Crisis UK
December 2008
Smithsonian OnlineSmithsonian Online Istanbul Snapshot
October 2008
Sunset Oct 2008Sunset Magazine
Hotel Monument Valley
October 2008
boston-globe-CoverBoston Globe Voluntourism
August 2008
Phil Inq CoverThe Philadelphia Inquirer Sydney
June 2008
Smithsonian OnlineSmithsonian Online
Hong Kong Snapshot
April 2008

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Visit Russia Conference


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Lisa Lubin is a three-time Emmy-award-winning Television Writer/Producer/Photographer.  She produced a variety of broadcast specials, including a weekly lifestyles and entertainment magazine show on ABC Chicago for the last ten years. After 15 years in Television she decided to take a sabbatical of sorts, which turned into 2+ years traveling and working her way around the world. She has written about the (mis)adventures that ensued as she traipsed around the globe on her travel website, www.LLworldtour.com, which has had hundreds of thousands of hits and subscribers from all over the world. Check out her Resume/CV then drop her a line to discuss assignments. Thanks for reading to the end. You have an attention span greater than me. Congrats!