Product Review: t spheres Aromatherapy Massage Balls

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I love getting a massage. It’s one of my favorite things besides eating and that other thing.  But what if you are traveling and you just don’t have the funds or the time?   Although I found cheap massages in many lesser developed countries and took advantage of the inexpensive treats, sometimes it would be nice if there was an easier alternative.

Enter ‘t spheres’ Aromatherapy Massage Balls.  What?

t spheres, or “tranquility spheres,” are golf ball-sized self-massage “tools” that combine massage and aromatherapy in one simple, portable product. According to their website, celebs like Brooke Shields, Coldplay (all of them?) and Rita Wilson have tried and like them.  Hmmm…these folks all can afford a personal masseuse, not sure why they’d settle for two rubber balls, but that doesn’t mean they are not good.

They basically remind me of the rubber super balls we used to bounce around as kids.  To use, you lay down on a hard surface or stand against a wall and place the balls under your back and let the pressure of your body and slight movements create a self-massage.

The Good:

  • When I got them in the right spot, it felt really good.
  • They are small and portable.
  • They come in a handy plastic lined pouch.

The Bad:

  • Although aromatherapy can be nice, I personally found the smell to be overpowering. These were a mix of peppermint and grapefruit and I’m personally not a huge fan of either one of those smells.t spheres
  • The spots I where I have the most tension are the hardest to get simply because they are up near my neck and the balls would always just roll out from under me and not stay put as they reached my shoulders.
  • To get them in the right spot took a bit of work and was not as relaxing or exact as a real massage.

Bottom Line:

I like the idea of them and the fact that they take up little room and are so portable, but I am not sure I would use them all that much. When I got them in the right spot after some coaxing, they did feel good, but I would of course much prefer a loved one to give me a proper massage.

t spheres range from $20 for tiny t spheres to $35 + shipping per set. They are sold online at www.tspheres.com and at select spa locations in the US.


Want your product reviewed?

This was my first objective product review. I did not receive any compensation (other than keeping the t spheres) to do the review and was as honest and forthcoming as possible.  If you would like to have your travel-related product reviewed, contact me.


  1. Kevin Fitzpatrick says

    Nothing really beats the real thing in this case. Do these little balls come with aromas like popcorn and cinnamon buns. If so I'd just use them for that.

  2. Brandy says

    So I have a much cheaper and easier alternative to these. Put a tennis ball in a long tube sock. This way you can hold the end of the sock to maneuver the ball where ever you need it and it doesn't slip out or roll away. And if you want the aroma part of it, just put a few drops of an essential oil on the ball before you put it in the sock. This will cost you less than $5 and will give you multiple balls and socks! And PS, this is a trick we learned in massage therapy school…!

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