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So far the internet is free. A free cosmic universe of libraries and libraries of information – more information than we could ever have time for. Some good. Some bad. Some factual. Some complete nonsense. Those of us trying to eek out a living on this new-fangled interweb are here writing, informing, advising, and entertaining for free. Not only do I enjoy sharing my stories and travel knowledge with you, I have been touched by so many readers’ responses. The greatest end result of all of this has been my ability to inspire others to go after their dream.

Maybe you learned something valuable here that you can put into practice on your next trip. Maybe you enjoy reading posts on this site about far-off places and get off on living vicariously through me.  Or perhaps you have been inspired to take a trip yourself.  Whatever the reason, please consider a donation (whatever you like – buy me a cup of coffee…or a plane ticket if you are feeling generous!).

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