Best of LL World Tour: Photography


Photography is one of my biggest passions. I’ve been doing photography since I was a teen — developing my own film in our school’s darkroom, taking photos for my high school and college newspapers, working at a photography store (when more of them existed), and eventually working professionally in video and television. So of course, photography […]



Where to Eat in Basel


The Food of Basel She was the quintessential chic, cosmopolitan gal-about-town. My guide, Margrit Götz, met me at my hotel and for the next two hours or so showed me some of the best food joints in town. She’s lived in Basel for 30 years and knows this town inside and out. Traveling has pretty much become about […]



Basel: Switzerland’s Most Unique City

Basel City Hall

  For a great finale to the journey, our train ride ends in beautiful Basel. Literally on the corner of France, Germany and Switzerland, this cosmopolitan, Swiss city (and the hometown of Roger Federer) is a great base as both France and Germany are just 10 minutes away and it’s only three hours by train to […]



Video: The Upper Rhine Valley in Under a Minute


My Eurail journey through the Upper Rhine Valley of Germany, France, and Switzerland was so beautiful as this region is one of my favorite in Europe — the tudor and half-timber homes, then centuries-old squares and cathedrals, and the wonderful array of cheeses and locally cured meats. This time I was lucky to also explore […]



Photo Essay: Mulhouse Car Museum

Mulhouse Car Museum

Cité de l’Automobile – The City of the Automibile I’m not a big car person. Well, I’m not a car person at all. I’ve only owned one car (and it was used) my entire life and I’ve had a driver’s license for, ahem, more than 20 years now. It’s been nearly 10 years since I […]



Photo Essay: A Day in Strasbourg, France


I’d been to Strasbourg one other time, back in 1999 with my friend Susan. I barely remembered it except for the stunning, Gothic cathedral, which just happens to be celebrating its 1000-year birthday this year. ONE THOUSAND YEARS. Right there is why I love Europe. Standing in structures like that, just gives me chills at […]



Wandering the German Wine Route

German Wine route

Exploring the German Wine Road We wander through rows of vineyards as the orange, autumn sun hangs low in the sky. Leaves crunch under our feet and the air feels crisp. This isn’t Sonoma or even France’s famous Bordeaux region. We’re on the German Wine Road, a 50-mile stretch established in 1935, which runs partly through the […]



8 Reasons to Travel with a Eurail Pass

DB Eurail

My very first trip to Europe (or anywhere abroad for that matter) was in 1996. My good friend Katie was living in the UK and invited me to come travel with her for three weeks. I’m forever grateful for her invite and that I said ‘yes’ as it set in motion the beginnings of a […]



Photo Essay: KaDeWe Berlin

Little fish bites

KaDeWe Berlin Food Hall  KaDeWe (prounouced as Kah-Dey-Vey) is the largest department store in Continental Europe. Short for Kaufhaus des Westens (the “Department Store of the West”), it is more than 60,000 square meters and attracts about 50,000 visitors every day. But I don’t really care about shopping. The sole reason I am here? The gourmet food hall. […]



Travel Tips: Saving Money in Between Travels

Chicago Bean shot

Travel Tips: Saving money for travel…and in between travels We really don’t need as much money as we’ve been made to think! So many ask me how I can afford my current life. But so many don’t realize how much less money I make and also LESS money I need to live. Living a ‘traveling’ […]