Dreaming of Paris

Eifel Tower from Galeries Lafayette

Last week I wrote about my beloved city of Chicago. This week, for obvious reasons, I’m thinking a lot about one of our sister cities, Paris. My first time here was 20 years ago on my first passport and and my first time really traveling overseas. Dreaming of Paris Paris is the reason I fell […]



Why Chicago is the Most Beautiful City in the World

Wrigley and Tribune Tower

I Love My City. Part 27. You’ve heard me say it before, and yes, I’m saying it again. Chicago still makes my jaw drop. The city, its buildings, its architecture, its thoughtfulness in design — it is just gorgeous. Chicago — Stunning. Iconic. Wondrous. After nearly 18 years living here, it still captures my heart. […]



4 Delicious Reasons to Explore the Okanagan Valley


This lovely guest post is from Laura Goyer of the Culinary Travel Guide.  “You could call it the northernmost wine area in the world. You could also call it Napa meets Palm Springs meets Narnia — a mix of crystalline mountain lakes, lush green forests, pillowy hills and vine-strangled farms.” (Mike MacEacheran) 1. World-Class Wineries In […]



Columbia, South Carolina: A Homecoming

USC Horseshoe

Going back to my old school Over the past month, my former home of Columbia, South Carolina has been hit hard with some of the worst, most tragic flooding there in any recent history. I feel such sorrow for so many that lost so much, but also a swelling pride at the resiliency and giving […]



Win a Trip to the Suzhou, “The Venice of China!”


I See China… I’ve spent a few months in Southeast Asia, but very, very little time in China. I’ve been to Hong Kong twice, but basically have only spent one night on Mainland China during a quick press trip to Shenzhen. This vast nation has been a wild card on my travel bucket list for […]



36 Hours in Philly

Philly soft pretzel

A Quick Trip to Philly I grew up in New Jersey, just about two hours north of Philadelphia and yet, I’d only visited once on a school field trip. We saw the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and I remember climbing inside the cool, oversized “heart” at the Franklin Museum. It’s hard to believe that I […]



8 Tips to Improve Your Food Photography

Ft Lauderdale81

It seems so normal nowadays to be at a restaurant while folks whip out their smart phones to snap pics of their dish as its presented. I can’t knock it as I’m one of these people. Of course, I’ve been doing this for a long time since I’ve reported on food and restaurants for 15+ […]



5 Fabulous Reasons to Visit Athens, Georgia

Athens the National

Visit Athens, Georgia With a world-class music scene (R.E.M. and the B-52s started here), hip bars, and a number of cutting-edge restaurants, Athens is a small city that packs a punch. With mild temps, you can visit year round and check out this Georgia town that’s always been on the cutting edge. Food Athens’s food […]



Foodseum: Chicago’s New Food Museum Opens!

Chicago_bean_hot dog

Food in Chicago There is no debating it: Chicago is a world-class food and dining city. And it has been for the last decade, at least. When I moved here in 1998, the restaurant scene was already in full swing with heavy hitters like: Charlie Trotters, Spiaggia, Gordon, Everest, Gibson’s, Blackbird, Frontera Grill, Arun’s, and […]



5 Must-Visit Restaurants on Edmonton’s Alberta Ave


This is a guest post from Alouise Dittrick of Take Me to the World.  Where to Eat in Edmonton My hometown of Edmonton, Canada has several neighborhoods for great restaurants, but one of the most underrated foodie areas is Alberta Avenue. Just 3 miles northeast of downtown Alberta Ave (118 Ave) is a culturally diverse neighborhood […]