My Midwest: Put-In-Bay, Ohio

Sunset over Put-In-Bay

Visit Put-In-Bay It’s like a combo of Midwestern work ethic and laid back island attitude.” When Chad invited me to Put-in-Bay, Ohio I had no idea what this place was nor had I ever even heard of it. Was it a theme park? A resort? They say it’s the “Key West of the Midwest”…so I […]



My Midwest: This is Cleveland!

Happy Dog Cle

My Midwest: Why You Should Visit Cleveland What’s round on the edges and high in the middle? O  Hi  O!  This was probably one of the first riddles I knew as a kid. Sadly, my knowledge of Ohio hadn’t expanded much since then. It was time to fix that. “This is why I love Cleveland,” […]



Travel Tips: Check Out the New Tripnary App!

Tripnary App Icon

Travel apps abound. New ones seem to come out each week promising to make your travel planning and organizing easier. But which ones really do the trick? As a girl that doesn’t like clutter in life or on my phone, I only want a few apps—ones that do a task and do it well, that […]



Chicago Eats: The Ultimate Guide to My Favorite Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago's Best Restaurants

This list is a work in progress & will be updated continuously. It is my list, of course, but does not mean I’m not open to suggestions! Please feel free to leave comments with your faves!   Chicago’s Best Restaurants…according to me! What are Chicago’s best restaurants? This city is inarguably a world class food town. […]



Travel Tips: DIY Passport & Visa photos

passport illus

Why go to a drugstore or camera store that charges $12-20 for a photo you can take yourself for free? I recently needed some new Visa photos for my upcoming trip to Tanzania. The last time I needed Visa photos I was in Bangkok and I got at least 10 copies for under $5. With a tiny […]



Countdown to the Galapagos Sweepstakes!


Countdown to Galapagos Sweepstakes When people ask me the question “what was your favorite place?” I never have a single answer. I love many cities around the world. But I do always say my favorite “natural” place is the Galapagos Islands. I loved the animals, the diversity of landscape on the different islands and the […]



Announcing My Book! The Ultimate Travel Tips: Essential Advice for Your Adventures


  New and Improved! More flavor! Less calories! The Ultimate Travel Tips: Essential Advice for Your Adventures I’ve just released the 2nd edition of my Travel Tips book on Amazon for an easy $3.99. It makes a great stocking (Kindle) stuffer and holiday gift! My main goal, as with my blog, is to get you […]



Review: Karma Wifi Hotspot

Karma Hotspot

Got Karma?   One of the ways I’ve saved money since leaving my full-time staff job to go freelance is by getting rid of my cell phone bill. For the last 5 years, I’ve only used a pre-paid card for any calls and texts. And consistently this costs me just a bit over $100 a […]



Where’s Bucks County and Why You Should Visit

New Hope-Lambertville Bridge

We drive past car dealers, big box stores and those all-American chain restaurants that show up in nearly every town across the nation. Pretty soon the commercialism fades as we pass cornfields, road-side fruit stands, and family farms. We hit Lambertville, New Jersey and feel like we’re heading back in time. Folks are strolling on […]



Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

With Locals pic

This is a guest post: Should you go out of your comfort zone? I’m sure you already heard this a dozen of times: real travelers go out of their comfort zone, they seek adventures and look for those activities that are heart-pumping and soul-frightening. I’m not saying that might not be the case, but I […]